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Buying or selling a property in Spain is a complex procedure. There are a number of processes that require many types of paperwork to be submitted to various bodies.

This has to happen before the money is exchanged

Our service will guide you through these processes.

We can help you to set up a bank account in Spain, and moving money to Spain with one of our trusted partners.

We will help you to apply for an NIE number (Foreigner Identification Number).

If you are going to reside in Spain permanently we can help you to notify the authorities to ensure your residency application is complete 

Local authorities have to be advised when you purchase a property and registration needs to take place at the Town Hall , Land registry, Water and electricity services all have to have contracts signed. You will also need to register for health benefits. 

We have many years experience of buying or selling Spanish property, and will help you every step of the way. 

Costa Blanca Lettings will accompany you to the Notary helping you to understand the documents to sign for the title deeds, or mortgages.

We also advise if you are selling a property that you notify relevant bodies that you no longer own the property and ensure all utilities are cancelled.

Building Work

If you are considering any aspect of building work such as building a wall, swimming pool or patio then you will need a special licences.

We can help you to register the correct legal registration for the work to be completed. This is important as you will need to show this paperwork if you ever sell your property.


We can offer translation services to help you understand and respond to the paperwork necessary when buying a home in Spain. So if you are thinking of buying or selling a property contact Anna to help, translate and guide you through the paperwork, 

Legal and Financial Services
When you buy a property in Spain whether you are resident or non-resident regardless of your income there are Spanish Taxes that need to be considered and a declaration made to the Spanish Tax Authorities. 

Costa Blanca Lettings  can help you complete the necessary paperwork.

Property owners have an obligation to pay local taxes on their property to their local council. 

Inheritance tax is a very complex area we would strongly advise you to do this which will prevent additional costs and worry later on. 

Because of our experience we will make this process easier for you. 


There are many different insurance needs. Whether it is health, life, funeral or home insurance, let us help you with a quotation.

The cost of a cremation or burial in Spain is quite high. We will help you to understand the small print so you know what you are paying for. 

Banking and financial advice

We can help you to set up a bank account and advise on the systems and processes to apply for a credit card or loan in Spain.

Vehicle Transfers and Driving Licences

There are are lots of things to consider if you  are driving or buying a vehicle in Spain. 

Driving licences  We can help you to exchange or renew your English or Spanish driving licence.

Vehicle transfers We can help you to transfer log books when buying or selling a Spanish registered car and check if there is any embargo on it.